Hi, my name is Jessie! 

  • '92 baby
  • Fashion Management Graduate [George Brown College]
  • Previous MMC employee [2010-2012]
  • Summer Intern @ MMC [2012]

Let's go way back.. 

  • [1995] An avid outfit changer.. we're talking at least five times a day! Drove my Mom nuts..!
  • [1995] What do you want to be when you grow up? Me "A cashier"
  • [1996-2000] Baby business girl- I would set up legit clothing stores using my Moms clothes. My parents bought me a real cash register from a second hand store and that's when it all began. I "played" store like it was my day job!
  • [1995-2006] Grade school sucked. I struggled with a learning disability. 
  • [2006-2010] Once I hit high school I soared! Thank goodness..
  • [2010] Went into my first year of College for Electronics Engineering.. Yuck! I'm too creative for a 9-5 job!
  • Still [2010] Hired without an interview! This is where my journey with MMC all began!
  • A lot happened in [2010] First day of my dream job! I was freak'n scared, I was shy, and I was nervous about giving the correct change. I wasn't the greatest at math #learningdisability Side Note: I remember what I was wearing... A beautiful baby doll blouse mint in colour with silver accents. Purchased from Mad Monkey Clothing! Confession... I still have it hanging in my closet today. 
  • Best Mentor / Boss / Friend I could have ever asked for! If you know Grace you know what I'm talking about! For those of you who don't.. Let's just say her name says it all! She's full of Grace! She's  wonder woman, a kick a** business owner, she's GORGEOUS, STYLISH, A MOM OF 3 ADORABLE BOYS #MOMGOALS, she has such a contagious + kind personality! Her husband hit the jack pot but Grace wouldn't settle for anything less than Mr.wonderful! #FAMILYGOALS Oh and by the way she long boards / is so hip but that's obvious!
  • [2013] Graduated from College. To be honest I was tired of the city life.. So I moved back home, where there was no cutting edge fashion jobs. But that's when I started working with my Brother or maybe I should say for him. He's kind of bossy! My Brother is 13 months younger then me and he is physically + mentally handicapped. For those of you who may get offended or bothered by using the term handicapped. We are all handicapped in our own way.. whether it's being held back by our foolish life decisions, or not taking chances when they are presented in front of us. Or maybe you have a learning disability or missing your pinky toe. Sorry I got on a little rant! But it's true! ANYWAY Daniel was born with lack of oxygen during his birth. long story short he's made my family and I stronger, closer,
    and he's honestly the greatest blessing in my life and I really truly enjoy helping my family out / spending time with him on the daily.
  • [2015] FLASH FORWARD! Grace announced her decision to close MMC December 31 /2015 My thoughts.. NOOO! WHAT! Where am I going to shop?!?! WAIT! I went to school for this.. DONE DEAL!
  • [2016] January 1st- I can proudly say I OFFICIALLY OWN MMC ONLINE! 

          Side Note: A part of the reason why I just choose to purchase only the online portion and let the physical location close.. was so I could continue working with my Brother as it is very important to me. SO yes.. I work 10hr days being my family nanny + I run MMC Online!  & I LOVE IT! 

I am so blessed to be able to carry on the Mad Monkey Clothing's torch [metaphorically speaking] I have learned so much already and I'm enjoying every minute of this experience! I am so thankful! I just hope you know how much this opportunity means to me. I promise to do my best / kick a** so everyone who shops online at MMC can feel comfortable and confident with their purchases + their online experience!

Thank you to all of you who actually read this whole thing!

[Internet HUG xo]


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