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Ever feel like you need a new look? Well that's how I was feeling with Mad Monkey Clothing! So I gave MMC a new look!

Summer is coming to an end. . . personally it deeply saddens me. I love the fun laid back vibes Summer gives off! Even though Summer isn't what it used to be [ AKA those glorious Summer days spending endless amounts of time with your besties, making sure you live up each day to it's fullest and then not caring about wasting the day sleeping till. . like 12pm or longer because you were having the time of your life with all of your friends!! Because HEY! you didn't have a care in the world! ] NOW it's time to adult. Even though I spend my days care-giving for my special needs Brother [ which I really can't complain because we love walks & soaking up the sun rays while listening to our favorite tunes ] & on top of that hustling // accomplishing all I need to do each week with my other passion. . MAD MONKEY CLOTHING! I still find myself looking forward to weekend BBQ's or beach days! 

Although I have to admit one exciting thing about Fall / Winter is ALL the cozy & neutral stylish clothes that arrive! 

Summer 2016 you were a good one.

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