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I thought it might be nice to give you some style inspiration! Sometimes I feel like we can get stuck in a style rut. . Myself included. . .

This past weekend I showed up to an event a little over dress. UGH! Talk about annoying. . But it kinda made me realize something! Here it goes. . . Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone but I feel like us girls tend to compare ourselves to what other girls are wearing or how they look. For instance. . I walked into this event and the first thing I do is look around me [ #socialanxiety ] to see what other girls are wearing. Right away I noticed that all the girls in the room were wearing casually styled looks. For example a pair of dark denim w/ a nice top & booties. Meanwhile I was wearing a black dress w/ some Stella & Dot jewelry. . & lace up heels! I did wear my faux leather jacket so I kept that on the whole night to make my look more casual. I was the ONLY girl wearing a dress. . . I guess I didn't get the memo! ANYWAY. . I know there are a bunch of fashion quotes that say something like "You can never be over dressed. . " But I like to blend in. Maybe that's just keeping myself in my own comfort zone. Which is probably something I need to work on! The point of this story is. . I loved my outfit & I felt good about myself. So why was I worrying about being overdressed or not "fitting in" to what the other girls are wearing?  Moral of the story. . We all need to learn how to breakout of our style comfort zones & embrace our style / what we feel good wearing! 

Do you girl // Love yourself 

Jess XO


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