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YAY! It's the weekend! 


WILDFOX WILDFOX WILDFOX!! People either LOVE WILDFOX or they think it's way overpriced. . . I'll be honest here. . I have never owned a Wildfox piece until I owned Mad Monkey Clothing! Because like a lot of you I didn't feel like spending a lot on lounge wear. BUT there are pro's to this fun brand! 

1.) Wildfox has become a favorite line among A-list celebrities and International Influencers - So if it's good enough for them. . it sure is good enough for us! 

2.) QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY! - I cannot stress enough when you are wearing these graphic printed sweaters & shirts you want to make sure the graphics aren't going to fade away and the fabric is going to withstand it's continuous wear. WHY? Because once you own one beach jumper you're going to want more!

3.) It's designed in LA. . Need I say more? 

4.) I personally love being able to have cute lounge wear that you can style in SOOO many ways! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES you just have to get creative!

5.) Here's a tip. . . check out our "SALE ROOM" we have cute Summer Wildfox jumpers & shirts on SALE! Just try it out for yourself. . ;) 

Thanks for giving this a read! 

Here's a code - WILDFOXBABES25 (Valid until 10/31/2016) - use @ checkout for 25% OFF Wildfox <3

Have a good weekend babe.

XO Jess


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