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Just a thought. . .

So I'm going to be honest. . . Today I've been feeling anxious. I'm generally an anxious and fearful person by nature. It's definitely something I've struggled with in my life and still continue to, even though I have grown in confidence. For example I have a fear of throwing up. . I guess there is always a reason why we have fears. I mean everyone has them! Let's get real! There is always a deeper meaning to our fears. I truly believe that the reason why I'm so fearful of throwing up is because. . [ Side note for those of you who don't know my younger brother is physically and mentally handicapped in other words he has cerebral palsy. ] . . . Since my brother is the way he is when we were young every time I got sick I would always be told to stay away from my brother. At that time if he were to get sick it could be not a good situation. So I have always associated sickness as a bad thing. 

You may be like Jessie. . Why are you telling us about your fear of throwing up? Well. . . Since I was feeling so anxious today I start contemplating my life and goals. . Probably not the best time to over think as I'm having anxiety! Which just overwhelms me more! So while I was in my own head working myself up. I had a moment. I looked over at my brother and got emotional. . Here I am an able body. I can choose to go to the gym. . . I can choose to go get myself a burger. . . My brother on the other hand can't always do what he wants without my family and I asking him what he would like to do. Something as simple as a walk. . Something he loves to do! Imagine thinking to yourself, I would like to go on a walk and not being able to physically do it for yourself. So why am I wasting my time worrying. . Being fearful. . Feeling anxious and being in my own head. When I have the ability to take action! Make my own positive life choices and change the things that aren't working in my life! You know sometimes God puts people in your life for a reason. My brother is defiantly that person for me. He reminds me everyday that I have so much to be thankful for and that it's e little things in life that are the greatest blessings! We all have our moments when we feel down. . . But we all need to have those good life realizations of how blessed we are and pick ourselves back up! If you're having one of those days realize that it's okay to be down. But use it as motivation to reach your goals or make a positive change in your life! Life is going to be scary and you're going to be constantly moving forward towards the unknown. Just do your best! #ineedtotakemyownadvice



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I thought it might be nice to give you some style inspiration! Sometimes I feel like we can get stuck in a style rut. . Myself included. . .

This past weekend I showed up to an event a little over dress. UGH! Talk about annoying. . But it kinda made me realize something! Here it goes. . . Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone but I feel like us girls tend to compare ourselves to what other girls are wearing or how they look. For instance. . I walked into this event and the first thing I do is look around me [ #socialanxiety ] to see what other girls are wearing. Right away I noticed that all the girls in the room were wearing casually styled looks. For example a pair of dark denim w/ a nice top & booties. Meanwhile I was wearing a black dress w/ some Stella & Dot jewelry. . & lace up heels! I did wear my faux leather jacket so I kept that on the whole night to make my look more casual. I was the ONLY girl wearing a dress. . . I guess I didn't get the memo! ANYWAY. . I know there are a bunch of fashion quotes that say something like "You can never be over dressed. . " But I like to blend in. Maybe that's just keeping myself in my own comfort zone. Which is probably something I need to work on! The point of this story is. . I loved my outfit & I felt good about myself. So why was I worrying about being overdressed or not "fitting in" to what the other girls are wearing?  Moral of the story. . We all need to learn how to breakout of our style comfort zones & embrace our style / what we feel good wearing! 

Do you girl // Love yourself 

Jess XO


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HAPPY 2017

I cannot believe it's already the New Year! It's so refreshing to start a New Year by setting new goals for yourself! I know personally, I've wrote down some goals for not only my personal life but my girl boss life as well. Although I tend to do this every couple of months! So let's Kick A** in 2017!

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One of the many sweet perks of my job is collaborating with other women who use their creative touch to gain a social media following. They use their personal style & look to captivate Instagram users // blog followers. Personally I find myself looking towards social media influencers for style inspiration or even things beauty related ( I'm always trying new beauty products. . lol ) I have been lucky enough to work with some pretty Kick A** women so far! You have to check these beauties out!


[ @emilyrosehannon ]

This lady is not only gorgeous but such a sweetheart to work with! Her content is beyond beautiful & she has major talent. 


[ @rinasamantha ] 


This Canadian babe has an awesome blog that features brilliant good old fashion content ( My FAV ) 


[ @angelachauxo ]

This local Toronto babe shares colourful content on her Instagram feed! Food, Cute DIY's, Fashion, & Travel!

What can I say. . . I have worked with some beauties & I am so blessed // thankful!!

Jess XO

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